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toro y moi

Outer Peace



Released: 18th Jan 2019


lp + download

Released: 18th Jan 2019


limited clear lp + download

Released: 25th Jan 2019

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A mix of sublime funky beats (try keeping your feet still to ‘Ordinary Pleasure’ or ‘Freelance’) and the stark, smooth nature of the atmospheric ‘Miss Me’, “Outer Peace” is the perfect example of Toro y Moi’s ability to shapeshift and use space as much as sound – whatever your state of mind while listening, it will give you that peace.

The lives we lead can feel like a simulation as the line between our reality and augmented futures continues to blur. “Outer Peace” is about that duality, being rooted in finding peace in seemingly impossible conditions, all the while using abstract sound pairings with recognizable samples for his most pop influenced record to date. Smooth interludes melt into faster beats, matching the feeling of driving through the Bay Area of Oakland, where Bear spent most of his time writing the album. "Chaz Bear delivers a smartly crafted, comfortably mid-fi album of grooves and melancholy—it’s one of his best albums in years." - pitchfork

Outer Peace


  1. Fading
  2. Ordinary Pleasure
  3. Laws of the Universe
  4. Miss Me (feat. ABRA)
  5. New House
  6. Baby Drive It Down
  7. Freelance
  8. Who Am I
  9. Monte Carlo (feat. WET)
  10. 50-50 (feat. Instupendo)