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Invasion Of Privacy (The Black Album)

crush music / atlantic


Released: 1st Mar 2019



Released: 1st Mar 2019


limited indies only clearlp

Released: 8th Mar 2019


You Can't Knock The Hustle of these Zombie Bastards, who’s twelfth album has left us high as a kite with these arena-ready insta-hits.

You may have been told to expect a dark concept album, but be reassured that these are good-time tunes about living in l.a. – a piece of cake that rivers cuomo wants you to enjoy with him on this album. However, When he sings "I'm Just Being Honest" you feel his sincerity, and the lament of "Too Many Thoughts In My Head" is a reminder of the burden of being a troubled genius. But these tunes are a reminder that Cuomo is The Prince Who Wanted Everything and got it - sunnier than the byzantine empire and as cool as California snow. “like Beach Boys gone bad” – rivers cuomo

Invasion Of Privacy (The Black Album)


1.         "Can't Knock The Hustle"      
2.         "Zombie Bastards"    
3.         "High as a Kite"         
4.         "Living in L.A."           
5.         "Piece of Cake"         
6.         "I'm Just Being Honest"        
7.         "Too Many Thoughts in My Head"   
8.         "The Prince Who Wanted Everything"         
9.         "Byzantine"   
10.       "California Snow"