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xiu xiu

Girl with Basket Of Fruit

upset the rhythm

limited cd

Released: 8th Feb 2019


limited marble lp

Released: 8th Feb 2019


As compelling and utterly nuts as ever, jamie stewart delivers a rowdy, rhythm focussed sonic meltdown of no wave dissidence and electro-terrorism.

if you heard his treatment of ‘the music of twin peaks’ then you’ll be halfway ready for this onslaught of dark Lynchian assemblage. The brilliance of xiu xiu is that he manages to make it all sound so compulsive, human, and weirdly addictive. this one features collaborations with Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Devin Hoff, and Haitian percussionists Emmanuel Obi and Ayo Okafor. riyl...the more challenging end of swans, merzbow, and liars! “Xiu Xiu aren’t just baseless provocateurs. They want us to feel things—ugly things, sure—but beautiful things as well” – treble zine

Girl with Basket Of Fruit


  1. Girl with Basket of Fruit
  2. It Comes Out as a Joke
  3. Amargi ve Moo
  4. Ice Cream Truck
  5. Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy
  6. The Wrong Thing
  7. Mary Turner, Mary Turner
  8. Scisssssssors
  9. Normal Love