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Kaia Kater


Smithsonian Folkways


Released: 11th Jan 2019

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LP + download

Released: 11th Jan 2019


Armed with a banjo, a fascinating bicultural heritage, and songs that immediately feel like folk classics, kater gives us an album that will send people scrambling for words like ‘beautiful’, ‘important’ and ‘unique’.

With abundant poise and poetry, Kater composes an odyssey about personal identity, memory, and discovery in the wake of her father’s journey as a young political refugee. She draws upon her diverse musical influences in Quebec, the Caribbean, and Appalachia, and her experience as a 2nd generation Grenadian-Canadian, to envision a new path for herself and her songs.  “an extraordinary piece of work that posits Kater as a major new voice in folk-roots music” 9/10 – uncut, “...plaintive, mesmerizing ... writes and performs with the skill of a folk-circuit veteran...” - Rolling Stone, “You want some authenticity in your folk music or bluegrass – I give you Kaia Kater.” - No Depression



  1. New Colossus
  2. Heavenly Track
  3. Canyonland
  4. Power! Power! Power!
  5. La Misere
  6. Meridian Ground
  7. Starry Day
  8. Death Of A Dream
  9. Grenades
  10. Hydrants
  11. Everly
  12. The Right One
  13. Off The Plane
  14. Poets Be Buried