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lucy rose

No Words Left



Released: 22nd Mar 2019


limited white lp

Released: 22nd Mar 2019

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with a vocal lilt akin to Mitchell or marling, lucy wrings emotion out of every syllable on her most profound and heart-wrenching record to date.

Accompanied by sparse acoustic accompaniment and no percussion, save for carefully selected instances of piano, these songs have a simplistic focus that gives them an exceptional potency. If ‘Something’s Changing’ was an artist rediscovering their voice, this is Lucy using that voice to devastatingly frank effect. Lyrically and musically fearless, this record – recorded in brighton - is a beautifully intense, but often unsettling listen. It’s a body of work, a fine modern example of the enduring strength of the album format.

No Words Left


  1. Conversation
  2. No Words Left pt. 1
  3. Solo(w)
  4. Treat Me Like A Woman
  5. The Confines of This World
  6. Just A Moment
  7. Nobody Comes Round Here
  8. What Does It Take
  9. Save Me From Your Kindness
  10. Pt. 2
  11. Song After Song