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Into The Iris



Released: 8th Feb 2019



Released: 8th Feb 2019


Urgent, abrasive and full of power – this is flat worms delivering at their finest with everything we love about their full-on post punk assault landing brilliantly.

In less than 20 minutes they’ve delivered an EP that packs the intensity of parquet courts, the punch of idles and the mind melting abraision of fontaines dc, sic alps and girl band into 6 tracks. We love it. Play it bloody loud… “Justin Sullivan’s urgent, machine-precise drumming and Tim Hellman’s linchpin bass—especially when matching the furor of Ivy’s guitar work—feel like a train bearing down on you in a tunnel. Imagine, if you would, the Dead Boys without the blatant nihilism.” – la record

Into The Iris


  1. Surreal New Year
  2. Into The Iris
  3. Plastic at Home
  4. Shouting At The Wall
  5. Scattered Palms…
  6. At The Citadel