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jim jones & the righteous mind


Masonic Records


Released: 8th Mar 2019


limited indies only clear lp

Released: 8th Mar 2019



Released: 8th Mar 2019


Incorporating elements of chain gang chants, mutant soul and gospel, and psychedelia, these bluesy hell hounds explore the most primal, feral and elemental aspects of rock ‘n’ roll’s potential.

Hot on the heels of 2018’s successful reunion with garage-psych testifiers Thee Hypnotics, singer/guitarist Jim Jones returns to give 2019 an incendiary kick up the bottom. Rising from the ashes of The Jim Jones Revue, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind paint from a broader sonic palette. a singer and guitarist of rare distinction, Jim Jones is a raconteur with one hell of a story to tell. You should hear it. If you’ve enjoyed clutch’s ‘book of bad decisions’, we reckon you’ll have a rollicking good time with this. “a mesh of chain gang blues and demonic howls, it’s brutal and raw” 4/5 – mojo.



  1. Sex Robot
  2. Satan's Got His Heart Set On You
  3. O Genie
  4. Attack Of The Killer Brainz
  5. Meth Church
  6. Dark Secrets
  7. I Found A Love
  8. Out Align
  9. Going There Anyway
  10. Shazam