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Neurot Recordings


Released: 15th Mar 2019


limited black / white LP + download

Released: 15th Mar 2019


on their third album, our favourite crust punks guide us on a unique psychoactive journey of Brazilian polyrhythmic percussion, hypnotic chanting, and aggressive repetitive raw punk all echoing out from another dimension.

“they are something new and mind blowing created from something old and primal. Although raging and distorted, these sounds are medicinal, like some sort of sonic Ayahuasca. You have to surrender to it to find out where it is leading you. We are so lucky and proud to be able to work together with them and release their insane sounds in our corner of the universe. They are beautiful people making beautiful noise”. - Steve Von Till, neurosis. “musical dynamite for those in need of some aural spice to jump-start the senses” – the arts desk.



  1. Vox Dei
  2. Alucinações de Comando
  3. Pacto de Máscaras
  4. Mente Bicameral
  5. Estímulos Alucinatórios Verbauditivos I
  6. Templo do Caos
  7. Espirais da Loucura
  8. Raíz Negativa (Não-Vontade)
  9. Camisa de Força (Inferno ou Sem Saída?)
  10. Vírus da Imagem do Ser
  11. Estímulos Alucinatórios Verbauditivos II
  12. Espirais da Loucura
  13. A Experiência Holotrópica