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Love Is All You Love

so recordings


Released: 12th Apr 2019


deluxe cd

Released: 12th Apr 2019


limited red lp

Released: 12th Apr 2019


for album number five, the british rock act dial down the blues rock in favour of dancefloor-ready bangers.

It was a free and experimental process mixing electronic and live instruments, working quickly, getting ideas down, then moving on. Once the writing was complete, the band decamped to Nashville to record the live element of the record with Eagles Of Death Metal’s Julian Dorio on drums. All these elements added a heavy punch and power to ‘Love Is All You Love’, especially on the unrelenting ‘Carnivorous’ and short sharp shock of ‘That’s My Trouble’. ‘Cool Your Battles is more widescreen, while ‘We’re Alive’ has a heavy dance pulse with a touch of melancholy. Fans of queens of the stone age’s groovy ‘villains’, royal blood and blood red shoes will love it!

Love Is All You Love


  1. Carnivorous
  2. That’s My Trouble
  3. Love Is All You Love
  4. Not The Kind Of Nothing
  5. Cool Your Battles
  6. Sound Of You
  7. Thanks A Lot
  8. We’re Alive
  9. Speed Of Light
  10. Gold
  11. In Colours (deluxe cd)
  12. Heavenly Creatures (deluxe cd)
  13. Dying Day (deluxe cd)