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Rosie Lowe


wolf tone


Released: 10th May 2019



Released: 10th May 2019


Rosie’s second album expands on her effortless blend of neo-soul-jazz-synth-pop with a glittering yet emotive set.

featuring The P Funk Choir of Jamie Woon, Jamie Lidell, Jordan Rakei and Kwabs, ‘Bird Song’ marks a new dawn for Rosie Lowe. In its warmer, sensual and cosmic textures, it acts as the perfect window into a record that asks bigger questions of how the heart and mind works, and ultimately finds power through opening up both. her work digs into a richly complex mix of musical and emotional experiences. Rosie was Raised on a broad mix of soul, jazz, funk and R&B; influences which come to glorious fruition on her second album, where inspiration ranges from Childish Gambino, Gabrielle Garzon Montano and Thundercat to childhood heroes like Ella Fitzgerald or Charlie Parker. “dreamy, deep bath r&b artfully coloured with psychedelic hues” 4/5.



  1. Lifeline
  2. The Way
  3. Birdsong
  4. Pharoah
  5. Valium
  6. Mango
  7. ITILY
  8. Little Bird
  9. Royalty
  10. Body // Blood
  11. YEEM
  12. Shoulder
  13. Apologise