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ellie ford



180g LP + download (pre-order)

Expected Release: 10th May 2019


*** order the album on any format to receive x2 free guestlist spaces to her in-store + signing

monday 13th may, 6:30pm - all ages welcome ***
Light Repeated is a bold and creative piece of work from Ellie Ford and her band of multi instrumentalists. Straying into multiple genres, Ford’s strong soaring vocal leads through influences of jazz, ambient folk and trip-hop with ease, striking a balance between the stark and highly arranged.
An accomplished harpist, Ford’s voice has a symbiotic relationship with her instrument. The two support and challenge each other in melodic leaps and turns, creating patterns that make full use of their impressive range. At times Ford’s playing is rhythmic and percussive, a compliment to the  creative playing of drummer Fred Hills.
This album is beautifully arranged, featuring the same band from Ford’s first album, Fred Hills (drums), Andrew Stuart-Buttle (violin), Harry Haynes (guitar) and Freya Bowes (clarinet). Taking many unexpected twists and turns, with songs rarely ending where you’d expect, Light. Repeated. is a well thought out piece with lyrical and musical themes rewarding the keen listener.
Tracks such as ‘All That Is Left’ make use of lush orchestral arrangements, whilst ‘Light.Repeated.’  and ‘My Bird Won’t Sing’ feature Ford’s grungy electric guitar for an unexpected edge. After the group’s exploration of instrumentation and theme in this multi layered album, Ford gives us final  track ‘The North Wind’, a perfectly simple, yet immensely powerful exposed song, showing us Ford understands her craft and the power of a simple melodic hook.
This daring second album breaks out any expected genre and shows Ellie Ford is an artist with progression.



  1. gold
  2. light repeated
  3. tired eyes
  4. my bird won't sing
  5. all that is left
  6. a strange brood
  7. woods
  8. the north wind