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Otoboke Beaver

Itekoma Hits

Damnably Records


Released: 26th Apr 2019


limited orange splatter lp

Released: 26th Apr 2019


Deranged and angular garage punk that somehow manages to simultaneously bewilder and embolden whilst still being downright jubilant fun.

Bursting out of the traps with the incendiary “Break Out, Kept Woman”, Otoboke Beaver pull no punches as they deliver short, sharp shocks straight out of the Melt Banana playbook. Which, as far as we’re concerned, is never a bad thing. “’Itekoma Hits’ is a tongue out at modern life and ridiculous expectations that come with adulthood.” – Echoes and Dust.

Itekoma Hits


  1. Datsu . Hikage no onna
  2. Akimahenka (2019)
  3. S'il vous plait
  4. Bakuro book
  5. What do you mean you have talk to me at this late date?
  6. Introduce me to your family
  7. Love is short
  8. Bad luck
  9. Don't light my fire
  10. 6 day working week is a pain
  11. Binge eating binge drinking bulimia
  12. I'm tired of your repeating story
  13. Anata watashi daita ato yome no meshi
  14. Mean