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Released: 31st May 2019


lp + download

Released: 31st May 2019


limited red lp + download

Released: 3rd May 2019


beefing up their roster has similarly affected their sound, amping up the psychedelic shoegaze-laced, kosmische krautrock to simultaneously more bludgeoning and seductive effect.

“We decided to make this record more live and less electronic,” says sasha. “We were thinking about how to make it sound more dynamic.” with masha replacing Sasha on synth bass whilst he moved over to second guitar to add a fuller and more impactful sonic crunch. Fuzz-driven guitars shift in engulfing waves, resembling shoegaze giants at their most ferocious whilst, elsewhere, layered vocals stack on top of one another, weaving between pristine melody and augmented discordance. Whilst the glacial electronics and coldwave tendencies that soaked much of their previous album may be more absent here, this record pulses with an electronic tinge that bubbles more subtly under the surface of immersive guitars. 



  1. Utro
  2. Sword in the Stone
  3. Irma
  4. Glasgow Coma State
  5. Sine Waves Are Good For Your Health
  6. Ursa Major
  7. Progulka
  8. How Do You
  9. Feel Now