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We Never Learned To Live

The Sleepwalk Transmissions

Holy Roar Records


Released: 10th May 2019


limited cream lp + download

Released: 10th May 2019


The brightonian quintet’s stirring post-hardcore packs a palpable urgency into 11 unforgettable songs.

‘Permafrost’ ushers in the album with a sense of lucidity and transience, building from yearning guitar chords and vast drums, before introducing a colossal explosion akin to two worlds colliding. As far as setting a tone, the album’s first track is an all encompassing declaration that paints the following songs in vivid technicolours of contrasts. Not too dissimilar from genre progenitors Hopesfall, Thursday and Deftones, the UK quintet’s sound presents an intoxicating dichotomy of the serene and the devastating.

The Sleepwalk Transmissions


  1. Permafrost
  2. Android Anaesthetist
  3. Human Antenna
  4. The Clocks
  5. Luma / Non Luma
  6. Wounds Like Wires
  7. Retreat Syndrome
  8. From the Sixth Floor
  9. Owari
  10. Digitalis
  11. Radio Silence