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Ida Mae

Chasing Lights

Vow Road

indies only cd + 'Live in Stoke Ferry Church' cd

Released: 7th Jun 2019


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indies only lp + download + 'Live in Stoke Ferry Church' cd

Released: 7th Jun 2019


"Ida Mae’s magic lies in the sensuous dovetailing of two voices and the intimacy of their songs.

Their chemistry on stage isn’t just a dramatic pose and is a truly captivating sight to behold. Hailing from Norwich and born out of Kill It Kid who established their credentials in the British Music indie Rock world, Chris and Stephanie present themselves as a sensual version of White Stripes meets Civil Wars meets XX. Singing together, the couple have an unusual ‘which-is- which’ dynamic. They have recently finished recording their debut album with acclaimed producer and friend Ethan Johns (Ray Lamontagne / Kings Of Leon / Laura Marling).

Chasing Lights


  1. Boom Boom Boom
  2. My Girl Is A Heartbreak
  3. Chasing Lights
  4. Higher Than The Light
  5. Easily In Love
  6. Love Is Still A Long Road
  7. Reaching
  8. Sweet Abandon
  9. Rightfully, Honestly
  10. Feel Them Getting Closer
  11. If You Don't Love Me
  12. Baby Be Mine