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Blood Year

Sargent House


Released: 2nd Aug 2019


Limited gold LP + download

Released: 2nd Aug 2019

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Released: 2nd Aug 2019


chicago’s most top drawer power trio have unleashed a bone-rattling record of cathartic instrumental post-rock that makes you want to get a lot of stuff done in a very short amount of time; superb motivation fodder.

this time, they tracked in Chicago at Steve Albini’s world-famous Electrical Audio. From guitarist Mike Sullivan’s riff-fuelled assaults, to Dave Turncrantz’s war machine rack and floor toms and Brian Cook’s meat grinding bass lines, the sound of ‘Blood Year’ is that of a band unafraid to flaunt their hard-earned prowess. "they’ve never had qualms about splicing elements of everything from metal and noise-rock to krautrock and post-hardcore into their darkly dramatic, instrumental compositions" -  Pitchfork. This is a must for fans of isis, cult of luna, jambinai and pelican.

Blood Year


  1. Hunter Moon
  2. Arluck
  3. Milano
  4. Kohokia
  5. Ghost on High
  6. Sinaia
  7. Quartered