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Released: 11th Oct 2019


lp + download

Released: 11th Oct 2019


limited indies-only desert peach lp + download

Released: 11th Oct 2019

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If ‘ufof’ had its head in the skies with its grander themes and lusher sound than previous big thief outings then ‘two hands’ is firmly rooted in the earth and what lies below – a dark, testing but ultimately stunning reflection on loss. This is an album of heartbreak, of pain, of emotional vulnerability and honesty – lenker’s lyrics are never forthright or straightforward, but here she sounds as close as she ever has to unpicking the tapestry she weaves around her subjects. Four albums in three years and each one is as essential as the last. “a band currently in a state of creative overspill” 4/5 – mojo; “lenker’s lyrics again inhabit an oblique dimension, defying simple explaination but offering a sense of personal, political and planetary loss” 8/10 - uncut



  1. Rock And Sing
  2. Forgotten Eyes
  3. The Toy
  4. Two Hands
  5. Those Girls
  6. Shoulders
  7. Not
  8. Wolf
  9. Replaced
  10. Cut My Hair