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Minor Pieces

The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming

fat cat


Released: 4th Oct 2019


limited 'first press' clear lp + download

Released: 4th Oct 2019


lp + download

Released: 4th Oct 2019


Ian William craig and missy Donaldson manage to strip back layer after layer here to create an album of minimalist operatic brilliance indebted to talk talk, julee cruise and grouper in equal measure.

This is not an album that does the hard work for you – much like the best moments of a good low record, you really have to put the effort in yourself and make sure you’re listening and listening well to understand the depth and breadth of these tracks. Don’t expect to stick it on in the background and soak it in slowly – give yourself the time and space to breathe and think and this duo will gladly reward you for your patience.

The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming


  1. Rothko
  2. This House
  3. Brávallagata
  4. Grace
  5. Burden
  6. The Way We Are in Song
  7. Tender Fire
  8. Shipbreaking