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Simple Minds

LIVE In The City Of Angels


standard 2cd with 25 tracks

Released: 4th Oct 2019


deluxe 4cd in hardback book with full 40 tracks

Released: 4th Oct 2019


4lp with 25 tracks

Released: 4th Oct 2019


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Here we have a whopping 40-song collection, spanning one of the most diverse catalogues of mankind, showcasing the band’s astonishing live prowess, incredible musicianship and dyn-o-mite songwriting chops.

led by the band’s exceptional and iconic guitarist Charlie Burchill, and the soulfulness of frontman Jim Kerr’s voice - which has matured into a powerful instrument in its own right – this set proves why Simple Minds are still a vital and relevant band. it features songs from the band’s Empires and Dance album through to last year’s Walk Between Worlds.

LIVE In The City Of Angels


  1. The Signal And The Noise
  2. Waterfront
  3. Love Song
  4. Let There Be Love
  5. Up On The Catwalk
  6. Sense Of Discovery
  7. Glittering Prize
  8. Promised You A Miracle
  9. The American
  10. Hunter And The Hunted
  11. Stand By Love
  12. Dirty Old Town (Written by Ewan MacColl)
  13. Themes For Great Cities
  14. She’s A River
  15. Walk Between Worlds
  16. Hypnotised
  17. Someone Somewhere In Summertime
  18. See The Lights
  19. All The Things She Said
  20. Dolphins
  21. Don’t You (Forget About Me)
  22. New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
  23. Once Upon A Time
  24. Alive And Kicking
  25. Sanctify Yourself
  26. Book Of Brilliant Things (4cd only)
  27. Let The Day Begin (Cover of The Call’s 1989 song, which Simple Minds first covered on Big Music) (4cd only)
  28. Honest Town (4cd only)
  29. Midnight Walking (4cd only)
  30. Barrowland Star (4cd only)
  31. Big Music (4cd only)
  32. Blindfolded (4cd only)
  33. Celebrate (4cd only)
  34. In Dreams (4cd only)
  35. I Travel (4cd only)
  36. Speed Your Love To Me (4cd only)
  37. Stars Will Lead The Way (4cd only)
  38. Summer (4cd only)
  39. The Cross (Written by Prince) (4cd only)
  40. Big Sleep (4cd only)