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Stick In The Wheel


From Here

cd in slip case

Released: 29th Nov 2019


growing evermore experimental with each release, this one journeys into uncharted territories of trance-inducing electronic folk and elemental, psychedelic guitar fuzz, making for a thrilling and unique cornucopia of engrossing sonic experimentalism.

these Folk firebrands are back with their second Mixtape, featuring Cinder Well, C Joynes & Jack Sharp (Wolf People). Each tune is based on a traditional composition, many of which are medieval or earlier - whether that’s the heavy pagan throb of ‘Down In Yon Forest’, the bastardised midi synths of ‘Drive The Cold Winter Away’ or the 14th century alliterative poem of ‘Swarte Smiths, Smateryd with Smoke’, spoken verbatim. fans of the hypnotic folk of slovenia’s sirom, or the eccentricities of richard dawson and hen ogled, will adore this. “Razor-sharp, direct and fantastic” 4/5 – the guardian.



  1. Down in Yon Forest
  2. Drive the Cold Winter Away
  3. Nine Herbs Charm
  4. My Boy is Heavy
  5. Sang Kancil - C Joynes & The Furlong Bray (Stick In The Wheel remix)
  6. Moskeener
  7. Georgie feat. C Joynes
  8. There is Work to be Done
  9. Swarte Smiths, Smateryd wyth Smoke feat Jack Sharp & Cinder Well
  10. Down In Yon Forest (Interlude)