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Yann Tiersen


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Released: 17th Oct 2011



Released: 17th Oct 2011


erudite gaelic musician’s 7th studio album sees him cementing the sound of its darker sister.

‘sky line’ is the follow up to ‘dust lane’ & while musically this new collection of songs may sound lighter & happier, the subject matter of moving on in life & the deep introspection after dealing with loss gives it a greater darkness. as always the music stems from tiersen, whose long periods of recording alone are broken in spells with input from a cast of musicians. an array of vintage synths add billowing, analogue textures, electric guitars & bass bring layers of fuzz & distortion & songs slip from their moorings to take off on new & unexpected currents. he has clearly made an effort to play with contrasts in timbre & you hear voices join together in chorus, arcing violins & crashing drums build towards mighty fanfares , but then, clouds part, squall recedes to silence & mournful piano & strings guide you home.  “life-affirming” 4/5 - mojo



  1. Another Shore
  2. I'm Gonna Live Anyhow
  3. Monuments
  4. The Gutter
  5. Exit 25 Block 20
  6. Hesitation Wound
  7. Forgive Me
  8. The Trial
  9. Vanishing Point