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metal face


Released: 25th Nov 2016


2CD (DELUXE EDITION - 2014 reissue)

Released: 21st Jul 2014


mf doom’s raw loops, gritty beats & avant-garde, ghetto-rhyme philosophies still sound like game changers on this double-vinyl reissue of his 1st solo gem.

revisit the year that “came to destroy rap”! this 1999 gambit from a solo doom mixed his pointed limericks & abstract word play with comic book skits & gleefully raw beats, snatched from dusty stacks of vinyl. coming on like a bizarro odb, doom’s uniquely, surreal lyrical stance & ‘chop it now, polish it never’ attitude to beat making was a true breath of fresh air, with tracks like ‘hey’ & ‘rhymes like dimes’ setting the bar for leftfield rappers for year to come.