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Memphis Industries


Released: 11th May 2015


lp + download

Released: 11th May 2015


A slow-burning and cerebral musical journal through electronic-folk balladry, low-key and melancholic and quietly engrossing.

Evoking the moody synth ballads of early Hot Chip, the soulful grooves of Sinkane, the chattering electronics of Caribou and a vocal range that encompasses Jose Gonzales, ‘imager’ is a restless, shadowed triumph. “an album that begs to be explored rather than passively enjoyed” – slug magazine



  1. Imager
  2. Home
  3. Solid Soul
  4. Settle
  5. Nevada
  6. Dark Hopes
  7. Silent Island
  8. Muted
  9. Human Feel
  10. The Wall