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girl band

The Talkies

Rough Trade


Released: 27th Sep 2019


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Released: 27th Sep 2019


carefully recorded to sound as chaotic and ragnarok-y as possible, the Dublin noise quartet’s second full-length is a thrilling affair that inspires as much awe as it does fear.

Dan says, “We recorded all the drums twice: once on the landing and once in the cellar” - The Well of Souls - “and during production we could actually cut in between both these sounds”. ‘The Talkies’ vacillates between big, ambient atmospherics to terribly intimate and up-close moments. The moaning and sawing guitars, atonal blankets of sound, abstractive lyrical repetition and chugging snares are textbook Girl Band, and they’ve never sounded better than right here. This is essential listening for fans of the birthday party, scratch acid, protomartyr and metz.  “at once more abstract and more focused than their debut, it swings between ominous drones and ear-flaying no-wave freakouts” 4/5 – mojo.

The Talkies


  1. Prolix
  2. Going Norway
  3. Shoulderblades
  4. Couch Combover
  5. Aibophobia
  6. Salmon of Knowledge
  7. Akineton
  8. Amygdala
  9. Caveat
  10. Laggard
  11. Prefab Castle
  12. Ereignis