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in god we trust

let them eat vinyl


Released: 7th Oct 2013


the band didn't hold back at all when it came to the follow-up for 'fresh fruit' - if anything, they exploded to a degree never matched by them in later years.

arguably the sheer speed & lack of any subtlety throughout most of this 8 song ep means there's less to talk about in terms of deathless songs & more in the way of sheer breathless anger & rage. the real winners come at the end, starting with ‘we've got a bigger problem now.’ a reworking of ‘california über alles,’ specifically targeted at california governor turned president ronald reagan, benefits from an amusing jazz/lounge start & even more righteous, slow-burn bile than before. the group tops it off with a romp through frankie laine's ‘rawhide,’ ending everything on a fun, kicking note. 1000 only limited edition on fantastic 140 gram green vinyl.

in god we trust