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ezra furman

day of the dog

bar none


Released: 25th Nov 2013



Released: 25th Nov 2013


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With a tight rockin’ combo, ezra re-works 50s grooves through primal-Lennon outbursts, glam hissing, right up & full circle into Pixies-style/Buddy Holly rave-ups - an instant classic that could have been on Stiff between Costello’s debut & the Damned.

Ezra Furman has always positioned himself as a singer-songwriter with or without the Harpoons. His acoustic based music would sometimes rock or burst forth with technicolour pop flourishes. On 2012’s 'The Year of No Returning' the production was especially sophisticated but now, like Dylan in ‘65, he is ready to harness the electricity & delve a little deeper into life as a rock & roller with punk panache. here, Ezra re-invents himself as an angry young man ready to throw himself on the pyre for the redemption that will follow.

day of the dog


  1. I Wanna Destroy Myself
  2. Tell ‘Em All to Go to Hell
  3. My Zero
  4. Day of the Dog
  5. Walk On In Darkness
  6. Cold Hand
  7. Anything Can Happen
  8. And Maybe God is a Train
  9. Been So Strange
  10. The Mall
  11. At the Bottom of the Ocean
  12. Slacker / Adria
  13. Cherry Lane