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Eulo Cramps
  1. Ondo Helps Us Hear the Splinters
  2. Fly Back Stork
  3. Sapling
  4. Illumina
  5. Glossy Bingo Stain
  6. Coppertone Elegy
  7. Wardlaw
  8. Clam Lute Wig
  9. Years in the Hospital

Call Super

Eulo Cramps

Can You Feel The Sun
  • LP

    Released: 6th Oct 2023


Melting improv, free jazz and the distinctive sound Call Super has perfected over the years with the helping hand of the invention of their ‘eharp’, ‘Eulo Cramps’ is a channel where the producer-artist exorcised trauma and epiphanies around their own coming-of-age story.

The album began as a way to understand themselves and their past; the intricacies of their personal suffering and their relationship with their body. Although it derives from the personal, while in the creative process, Seaton’s mind often wandered to the green foliage settings of sprawling forests. These memory trees evoke an earthy quality to the album as it glitters with the calmness of inner peace, much like dabbled light filtering through trees Seaton so often visited in their mind's eye.