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Rhythm & Stealth (2023 reissue)

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Dan says: Leftfield's 'Rhythm & Stealth' Was their follow up to 'Leftism'.

Leftism (2023 reissue)

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Dan says: Leftfield's 'Leftism' was a game-changer! Whilst most dance acts were releasing singles or remixes, Leftfield were brave enough to rel...

This Is What We Do

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These progressive house masters return with their 4th album (& first in 7 years!) to show us all how it’s done – a feet-moving, mind-transportin...
LEFTISM (national album day 2023)
  1. Release The Pressure
  2. Afro-Left
  3. Melt
  4. Song Of LIfe
  5. Original
  6. Black Flute
  7. Space Shanty
  8. Inspection (Check One)
  9. Storm 3000
  10. Open Up
  11. 21st Century Poem


LEFTISM (national album day 2023)

sony music
  • limited white & black marbled 2lp

    Released: 14th Oct 2023


'Leftism' is the debut studio album by English electronic music duo (now solo project) Leftfield, originally released in 1995 on Columbia Records.

It contained a mixture of new tracks along with reworked versions of previous Leftfield singles. The album contains guest spots from musicians not associated with dance music at the time such as John Lydon from Public Image Ltd. (and formerly of Sex Pistols) and Toni Halliday from Curve. The album was described as progressive house, although some journalists found that label too limiting, suggesting the album incorporated many genres.