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1989 (2023 repress)

180g 2lp in gatefold sleeve + download - £29.99 | Pre Order
'1989' marks Kölsch’s intensified deployment of real-life orchestral sounds and the continuation of his extremely fruitful collab with Gregor...
I Talk To Water
  1. I Talk To Water (with Perry Farrell )
  2. Dreams
  3. Grape (with Patrick Reilly)
  4. Pet Sound
  5. Khenpo
  6. Thoughts
  7. Only Get Better
  8. Implant
  9. Hands Of Time
  10. Tell Me (with Patrick Reilly )
  11. An Amazing
  12. It Ends Where It Began (with Patrick Reilly)


I Talk To Water

  • 2lp + download

    Released: 27th Oct 2023


While all the trademarks that make his music so popular and powerful are still present – lush, melodic techno; swooping, trance-like figures; sensuous, shivery texturology – 'I Talk To Water' is also a deep and intimate rapprochement with family and history, a beautiful, finely detailed document of loss and memory, and a tracing of the long, unbroken thread of grief that runs through our lives once we’ve lost those we loved.

The emotional core of I Talk To Water, then, is a cache of recordings by Kölsch’s father, Patrick Reilly, who passed away in 2003 from brain cancer. With time rendered elastic by the pandemic and its associated lockdowns, its sudden, alienating shifts in everyday living, Kölsch found himself reflecting on his father’s passing and ongoing spiritual presence, thinking about how best to memorialise such a significant figure in his own life. Those recordings opened a gateway, of sorts, for Kölsch to move through – a way to bring past and present together and entwine them in a sensitive, poetic manner.