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Bible Of Dreams (First Time On Vinyl!)
  1. Komit
  2. Jardin De Cecile
  3. Kaguya Hime
  4. Children Of The Night
  5. Conga Fury
  6. God is God
  7. Swamp Thing
  8. Shark

Juno Reactor

Bible Of Dreams (First Time On Vinyl!)

  • remastered black 2lp

    Released: 15th Mar 2024


‘Bible of Dreams’ was Juno Reactor's fourth album - it had a very different sound from the group's previous albums, and moved away from the traditional dance beats by implementing tribal influences.

The band collaborated with Amampondo, a traditional South African percussion act, on the single ‘Conga Fury’. Featuring music from the film soundtracks The Matrix Reloaded, Animatrix, Mortal Kombat Annihilation and Beowulf. Composer, producer, musician and performer Ben Watkins is an essential innovator of modern electronic music and a pioneer of Trance. Over the course of nearly 30 years, Watkins has created a unique driving fusion of electronica, orchestral and global music executed on an epic & symphonic scale.