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  1. StarSeeker
  2. Unlock
  3. SearchN 4 ft Babii
  4. Bang Bang
  5. Can U Feel It
  6. Bounce Dat ft PayPal & DanTOG
  7. Unleash
  8. See the Sun
  9. Whiplash
  10. Sumthin Different
  11. Heart Fragments
  12. Work Me
  13. Make it Work
  14. Smoke Break ft Homesiick & Takuya Nakamura



  • lp

    Released: 15th Mar 2024


His 2022 'Audio Assault' EP on Hyperdub showcased synth-driven, melodic footwork, but ‘Unleash’ goes much further into audio world-building, with a fresh, spongy and citrus-y sound palette and rich, bright chord sequences.

It's minimal, airy, balancing light and dark, sometimes breezy and sometimes clinical. Heavee works simultaneously outside and inside the box, rebuilding footwork's framework and vibe to his own unique specification. Rhythmically, it's dance floor ready, using footwork's 160 template as a springboard for building new drum sounds to express these rhythms, and draws from R&B, rap, jazz and grime, with a sprinkling of bitter-sweet vintage Detroit techno. ‘Unleash’ takes footwork’s “eats all” approach to music and leads it in a fresh direction with a freedom of spirit. It's a strong addition to the footwork cannon and shows that experiments in dance music can be fun.