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antidawn ep

LP - £16.99 | Buy
‘Antidawn’ reduces Burial’s music to just the vapours, exploring an interzone between dislocated, patchwork songwriting and eerie, open-world ...

Tunes 2011 - 2019

2cd - £14.99 | Buy
praise be! Burial has dug up 8 years’ worth of stellar releases and compiled them into a double feature length compilation, for an eclectic, uninterrupted...


2LP - £19.99

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Kode9 & Burial


4lp - £30.99 | Buy
If we have to bid a farewell to one of the most consistently stimulating and boundary pushing compilation series around, then who better to deliver the final ...
Kode9 & Burial


limited clear 12" in deluxe embossed sleeve - £22.99 | Buy
An atypically colourful split EP featuring hazily sunny beats & blissed out synth swirls - this Infirmary is just what the doctor ordered, in an Unkown Summ...
Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above
  1. Dreamfear
  2. Boy Sent From Above


Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above

XL Recordings
  • limited 12"

    Released: 9th Feb 2024


It might have been 17 years since Will Bevan furnished us with a full length record ('Antidawn' is up for debate) but the rate at which he's spitting out EPs is enough to scratch that itch and thankfully 'Dreamfear/Boy Sent From Above' does the business too - extended ambience, rolling drums and that vocal cut of "back from the dead and f*cked up in the head" will bring a grin to anyone hankering for more sonic Croydon gristle.