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Hinterland (10th Anniversary Edition)
  1. Rise
  2. Leafs
  3. Still
  4. Riant
  5. Stems
  6. Floe
  7. Abscondence
  8. Clouded
  9. Fey
  10. The Fade


Hinterland (10th Anniversary Edition)

Ghostly International
  • limited black smoke 2lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 29th Mar 2024


'Hinterland' is another step forward in Recondite’s progression, maintaining a style all his own and acknowledging the finest moments in his previous releases.

It’s no small feat to incorporate one’s observations of human nature against nature, and to lay it out in such a way that is cohesive, linear and sonically beautiful both up close and from a distance. “Characteristics of people’s minds,” he says. “Such as satisfied, frightened, calm, melancholic, sad, stoic, frustrated, strong, deep...they are captured in the sounds. ”While the record can be enjoyed in one long listen, there are going to be different tracks that speak to individual listeners. “Clouded” is one of the stronger arrangements, taking the sonic sweeps often heard from Marcel Dettmann or Function and filling the surrounding space with dreamy samples and warm bass. “Stems” is playful and fluid, and the record’s opener, “Rise,” is an eerie and melodic tinkering intro. As a whole, the release of Hinterland on Ghostly International is a perfect marriage – the label has always had an affinity for music with depth and frequencies that can magnetize a wide variety of listeners. "Basically, this is the album that had to come out of Recondite eventually,” he adds, smiling. “It is Recondite.