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Archive One And The Red Series

Archive One

Side 1
1.    Rhapsody In Red
2.    Protective Custody
3.    No One’s Driving
4.    The Woki
5.    Southside

Side 2
1.    Wisdom To The Wise
2.    Tale Of Two Cities
3.    The Storm (Edit)
4.    Miles Away
5.    Thunder   

Red 1

Side 1
1.    Protective Custody

Side 2
2.    Zeno Xero

Red 2

Side 1
1.    Wisdom To The Wise

Side 2
2.    Gonk

Red 3

Side 1
1.    Thunder

Side 2
2.    The Storm (Edit)
3.    The Storm (Instrumental)

Red Rare

Side 1
1.    Wisdom To the Wise (Umek Remix)
2.    Wisdom To The Wise (Umek Aux Mix)

Side 2
1.    Thunder (DJ Rush Remix 2)
2.    Protective Custody (Magic Mix)

Red Remixes

Side 1
1.    No One’s Driving (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
2.    Wisdom To The Wise (Robert Hood Remix)

Side 2
3.    The Storm (Surgeon Dub)
4.    Southside (DJ Sneak Remix)

Dave Clarke

Archive One And The Red Series

  • very limited numbered deluxe remastered 6lp (1 black / 5 red) boxset with 16pp booklet + *signed* photo

    Released: 5th Apr 2024


Both Archive One and The Red Series are hailed as THE defining techno albums and 12 inches of the genre.

They paved the way for all that followed and are used as a blueprint for quality level, style and music production level, and are just as relevant now as they were when originally released. 30 years after the inception of this body of work, and after both the album and series have been out of print for over twenty years on vinyl (copies have been exchanging on Discogs in the meantime for up to £250), they return as an assemblage of remastered original versions and bonus remixes in this limited edition, one time pressing, exclusive 6 vinyl set slipcase box with signed photo and 16 page booklet written by Dave Clarke himself.