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  1. "Set It Off (feat. Jeru The Damaja)"
  2. "Piano Anthem"
  3. "Harp Of Gold"
  4. "Clap Track"

Classic Symptoms 18

various artists

  • indies only 12" ep

    Released: 12th Nov 2021


Hospital Records are excited to present the eighteenth edition of their exclusive ‘Classic Symptoms’ series, returning with a specially selected 4-track EP of NHS classics that span the ever-expanding drum & bass spectrum.

These selections are the originals from the ‘H25PITAL’ and ‘AFT25PARTY’ remix releases which dropped in 2021 to celebrate Hospital’s 25th birthday. Kicking things off is Camo & Krooked’s ‘Set It Off’ (feat. Jeru The Damaja). The dancefoor banger initially released in 2019 features an old school hip-hop and drum and bass mash-up laced with robotic beats and their famous stripped-back anti-drop. Hip-hop legend Jeru The Damaja blesses the track with his effortless rhymes. Taking it back to 2010, Sonic’s ‘Piano Anthem‘ is a magically produced tune with crisp musical tones that compliment Diane Charlemagne’s stunning vocals. Sonic is no stranger to the label, having previously released bangers including ‘Electrosound’ and ‘Accelerator’. Earlier this year, S.P.Y did a bass-heavy remix of Sonic’s classic for the label’s celebratory ‘H25PITAL’ compilation, now we reminisce on the original in all its glory. Throwing it back to when it all started, Hospital Records was founded in 1996, and ‘Harp Of Gold’ by Peter Nice Trio was the label’s very frst release. The euphoric track ‘Harp Of Gold’ brings playful chimes and bouncing drum work that will take you on a sonic journey through the much- loved classic loungecore sound. The track was recently recreated by Villem for Hospital’s ‘AFT25PARTY’ EP. Punchy drums, machine- like snares and reverberated claps take listeners to another dimension on Lynx’s ‘Clap Track’. The unpredictable dance foor anthem had people stomping at raves when it dropped in 2015, taken from his debut album ‘I Am Lynx’. The album showcased his versatile production and eccentric signature styles. Don’t sleep on Think Tonk’s bashment and bass remix of ‘Clap Track’ for the ‘AFT25PARTY’ EP too.