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Twisted Culture
  1. (How Will We Ever) Work This Way
  2. Cul De Sac
  3. Basement City Living
  4. The Night We Should Have Met
  5. Tighter
  6. Hope
  7. It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Now
  8. Breathe You In
  9. This Is Your Lifetime

Fiat Lux

Twisted Culture

  • LP

    Released: 5th Nov 2021

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Twisted Culture' is the follow up to Fiat Lux's comeback album 'Saved Symmetry', which was voted one of the ten best electronic albums of the year by Electricity Club.

The line up remains Steve Wright - vocals; Will Howard - sax and clarinet, David P Crickmore backing vocals and all other instruments. The lead single (How Will We Ever) Work This Way has enjoyed plays on radio around the world and has been championed by Rusty Egan, who created his own dance mix for his DJ shows.