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Vertigo Of Bliss

Beggars Banquet

orange 2lp

Released: 11th Jun 2012


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expanded release of Biffy Clyro’s 2003 album, re-mastered over 3 sides of vinyl for improved sound quality.

The 4th side contains 6 non-album B-sides. While retaining a highly refined melodic sensibility that manifests itself mostly in their effortless vocal harmonies, on their 2nd album, the scots added a metallic heaviness to their sound & bravely gave themselves full range to experiment. never predictable, hardly even stable, Most of the tracks here are in constant flux. Pastoral acoustic guitars, fuzzed bass & sweet strings slip in & out of the mix, leading on to the next folksy interlude, wild jazz break or punky firestorm.

Vertigo Of Bliss


  1. Bodies In Flight
  2. The Ideal Height
  3. With Aplomb
  4. A Day Of…
  5. Liberate The Illiterate
  6. Diary Of Always
  7. Questions And Answers
  8. Eradicate The Doubt
  9. When The Faction's Factioned
  10. Toys Toys Toys Choke Toys Toys Toys
  11. All The Way Down
  12. A Man Of His Appalling Posture
  13. Now The Action Is On Fire
  14. Ewen's True Mental You
  15. …And With The Scissorkick Is Victorious
  16. Do You Remember What You Came For?
  17. Good Practice Makes Permanent
  18. Let's Get Smiling
  19. Muckqwalkerjawbreaker
  20. I Hope You're Done