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Released: 28th Jan 2013


2cd & dvd

Released: 28th Jan 2013


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Released: 28th Jan 2013


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signals the band’s growing ambition with twenty-two tracks of addictive, aggressive, post-hardcore pop spread across two discs.

produced by gggarth richardson in los angeles, ‘opposites’ is comprised of 2 sets entitled ‘the sand at the core of our bones’ & ‘the land at the end of our toes’, originally planned as two separate albums. band of horses lead singer ben bridwell guests on two tracks. deluxe version of ‘opposites’ adds a dvd which contains a feature-length documentary which examines the making of the album. "'Opposites' makes it hard not to admire the band’s ambition and chutzpah" - telegraph.



Standard 1cd

  1. Different People
  2. Black Chandelier
  3. Sounds Like Balloons
  4. Opposite
  5. The Joke’s On Us
  6. Spanish Radio
  7. Victory Over The Sun
  8. Biblical
  9. Stingin’ Belle
  10. Skylight
  11. Trumpet Or Tap
  12. Modern Magic Formula
  13. The Thaw
  14. picture A Knight Fight

Deluxe 2cd

CD1-The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones:

  1. Stingin' Belle
  2. Sounds Like Balloons
  3. Biblical
  4. The Joke's On Us
  5. Black Chandelier
  6. A Girl And His Cat
  7. Opposite
  8. The Fog
  9. Little Hospitals
  10. The Thaw


CD2 - The Land At The End Of Our Toes:

  1. Different People
  2. Modern Magic Formula
  3. Spanish Radio
  4. Victory Over The Sun
  5. Pocket
  6. Trumpet Or Tap
  7. Skylight
  8. Accident Without Emergency
  9. Woo Woo,
  10. Picture A Knife Fight


DVD) Making of Album (Region 0 / Running times: 45 minutes approx / Aspect ratio: 16:9)