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Road Songs for Lovers

BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd


Released: 29th Sep 2017


2lp + download

Released: 29th Sep 2017


the Legendary guitarist and singer/songwriter crafts a record of tremendous warmth that does indeed feature the perambulatory pacing that so perfectly suits listening on the road.

The album continues his obsession with travel and motion and includes songs with titles such as ‘Happy On The Road’, ‘The Road Ahead’, ‘The Last Train’ as well as ‘Road Songs For Lovers’ itself – in other words, you know exactly what you’re gonna get with this one.


Road Songs for Lovers


  1. Happy on the Road
  2. Nothing Left Behind
  3. Road Songs for Lovers
  4. Money
  5. Two Lost Souls
  6. Rock My Soul
  7. Moving On
  8. The Road Ahead
  9. Last Train
  10. Angel of Love
  11. Breaking Point
  12. Beautiful