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rasta communication (deluxe)



Released: 23rd Apr 2012


the powerful effect of hudson’s mighty, brooding rasta vibrations still emanate from this ’78 classic, with rare extras.

recorded at randy’s, channel one & chalk farm with a final tweak from prince jammy at king tubby’s, the album features a top line up of jamaica’s finest musicians including aston ‘family man’ barrett & carlton barrett & sly & robbie. the original album has been expanded into a superb 27 track release complete with a 2nd cd of full dub companions including the previously unreleased dub to ‘i broke the comb’. in addition all 4 sides of the 2 classic non-album greensleeves 12” singles as well as the 2 rare jamaican single mixes of ‘rasta country’ & ‘jonah’ are making their cd debut.    

rasta communication (deluxe)



  1. Rasta Communication
  2. Felt We Felt The Strain
  3. Bloody Eyes
  4. Rasa Country
  5. I Broke The Comb
  6. I’m Not Satisfied
  7. I’m No Fool
  8. Jonah
  9. Musicology
  10. I Won’t Compromise
  11. Nah Skin Up (12” Mix)
  12. Felt We Felt The Strain (12” Mix)
  13. Bloody Eyes (12” Mix)
  14. Rasta Country (7” Mix)
  15. (Jonah) Come Out Now


  1. Rub Dub
  2. Felt The Strain Dub
  3. y Eyes Are Red Dub
  4. Bloody Eyes Dub
  5. National Item
  6. National Anthem
  7. I Broke The Comb Dub
  8. Barrabas Dub
  9. Image Dub
  10. (Jonah) Come Out Now Version
  11. Musicology Dub
  12. Darkness Dub