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  1. A Guide
  2. Vine
  3. Easy
  4. Knaeve
  5. Mass Love
  6. Thick Waltz
  7. All Lovers
  8. Clipt
  9. Undrunk
  10. Drift
  11. Ophrys
  12. Choir Prayer



  • black lp

    Released: 6th Oct 2023


‘crux’ takes Glasser’s entrancing blend of dreamy experimental pop and layered electronics to explore themes of personal identity, emotional vulnerability, and the human experience.

The album maps journeys of self-discovery as she unpacks intimate experiences with a maturity and cathartic outlook. Specifically, the tracks on ‘crux’ discuss the death of an old friend, her meditations on the fragility of life and the delicacy of relationships in times of uncertainty. Musically it searches outward, it includes the use of traditional folk, Celtic to communicate her Scottish roots, and Eastern-European styles, all introduced to her lush, atmospheric production, intricate vocal harmonies, and complex rhythms