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Les Rallizes Denudes

'67- ’69 Studio et Live (2023 reissue)

limited purple lp - £47.99 | Buy
cd - £22.99 | Buy
Temporal Drift presents the first-ever officially sanctioned reissue of celebrated Japanese cult band Les Rallizes Dénudés’ three albums, or...
Les Rallizes Denudes

The Oz Tapes

2lp in craft board jacket - £47.99 | Buy
First-ever official worldwide LP release by Les Rallizes Dénudés! Mysterious and notorious Japanese group formed in 1967 whose brand of unrelenting psychede...
Les Rallizes Denudes


2LP - £31.99
Reissued for first time in 4 years.
Les Rallizes Denudes


limited 7LP Box Set - £121.99
They were punk before punks, avant rockers before avant rock, noise before noise and their on-again/off-again career, which spanned the years 1967-1996, continu...
Les Rallizes Denudes

Blind Baby Has Its Mother’s Eyes (2021 reissue)

limited blue 180g lp + hand numbered sleeve - £18.99 | Buy
Massive slabs of distortion inhabit every seam of this monstrously linear album.
  1. 夜、暗殺者の夜
  2. The Night, Assassin's Night , 記憶は遠い
  3. Memory is Far Away , 夜より深く
  4. Deeper Than the Night , 永遠に今が
  5. Eternally Now , 白い目覚め_1993
  6. White Awakening 1993 , 鳥の声
  7. Bird Calls in the Dusk , Darkness Returns 2 , The Last One 1993

Les Rallizes Denudes


Temporal Drift
  • 3lp in trifold sleeve (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 27th Oct 2023

  • 2cd (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 27th Oct 2023


this is the First ever release of the legendary 1993 gig, Mixed from the original multitracks by Rallizes member Makoto Kubota.

In 1991, Les Rallizes Denudes released three full length albums on CD, the band’s first-ever recordings to be made available since their formation in Kyoto more than two decades prior. In 1993, the band appeared in front of an audience for the first time since 1988. Their February 17 appearance at Club Cittaʼ, which came four days after their “comeback” gig at Baus Theater, turned out to be one of the most notable out of all the Rallizes performances thus far. The show has been talked about in some circles as the stuff of legend. With guitars roaring at colossal levels, even surpassing the immense volume of their earlier gigs, the doors were vibrating as some audience members were said to have run out to the lobby to find respite from the sonic assault.

This shattering (in almost a literal sense) performance, in its entirety, was recorded and preserved on a 8-channel digital recorder. Discreetly kept in storage for thirty years, these multi-track masters form the basis of CITTAʼ ʻ93, a brand new album that accurately captures the transcendental roar that shook the walls of the venue in Kawasaki that one night. Carefully and sympathetically mixed by former Rallizes member Makoto Kubota, CITTAʼ ʼ93 presents a Rallizes sound that has never before been heard in any official capacity.