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Joy as an Act of Resistance (5th Anniversary edition)

Limited deluxe 180g LP in Gold Glitter Die-Cut Gatefold sleeve w/ 8 Double-Sided Interchangeable art prints - £34.99 | Buy
How about a cheeky half decade celebration for the Bristol boys who, more than anyone, have shaped the face of guitar-led music since the shop's been standi...


lp - £18.99 | Buy
cd - £10.99 | Buy

Resident End of Year 2021 Edition - Limited Deluxe 180g 45rpm 2LP with Hand-Numbered Belly Band (/300) & 12x12 Print - 1 Per Customer - £28.99

*Last copy has minor cosmetic seam split* Resident End of Year 2021 Edition - Limited Eco-Mix Random Colour LP with Hand-Numbered Belly Band (/300) & 12x12 Print - 1 Per Customer - £19.99
If you’re going to throw a curveball, might as well do it when you’re super confident you’ve got everyone’s attention, right? In a serio...

Model Village

limited 7" - 1 per customer - £9.99 | Buy
Following on from the release of Ultra Mono in 2020, IDLES are back to release a version of Model Village with none other than slowthai.

Ultra Mono

limited deluxe gatefold lp - £32.99 | Buy
lp - £19.99 | Buy

cd - £9.99 | Buy

cassette - £9.99 | Buy
Swirling & disorientating guitars, a relentless bass & drum assault and earnest lyrics have made Idles one of the best bands out there of recent years, ...

Joy as an Act of Resistance

lp - £19.99 | Buy
cd - £11.99 | Buy
division, love, hate celebrating unity accepting your flaws a true tour de force a social climate mirror smashed over your head Wasting little...


lp - £16.99 | Buy
cd - £11.99 | Buy
Snarling and gnarly wit-punk - an explosive debut that’s barely left our shop stereo - Hang on to something, it’s about to get wild! The Bristol...

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limited translucent red lp - £25.99
A nerve-shredding, 4-to-the floor, jaw-dropping rumpus that blends industrial noise with emotionally fraught post-punk – equal parts groovy and grimy.
Mandy, Indiana

I've seen a way

limited indies only clear lp + resident exclusive signed & numbered art print - £22.99 | Buy
limited indies only clear lp - £22.99 | Buy

limited black lp - £23.99 | Buy

limited cd - £13.99 | Buy
A thrilling expansion on the technoise sound that first won us over; their careful authorship has hammered these eclectic tracks into a seamlessly cohesive albu...

A Life Diagrammatic

*signed* limited *special edition* indies only "metallic sand" lp in gatefold sleeve + exclusive poster w/ customised architect's ruler designed by band - £24.99 | Buy
*signed* cd - £12.99 | Buy

limited silver lp - £19.99 | Buy
Sometimes you just need a right good mallet wallop to the cranium and who better to deliver that vicious blow than local brutality peddlers, John?.

Formal Growth In The Desert

limited indies only translucent blue lp + poster + zine - £28.99 | Buy
black lp + poster + zine - £26.99 | Buy

cd + poster - £12.99 | Buy

limited indies only translucent blue lp + limited indies only slipmat + poster + zine - 1 per customer - £27.99
The grief-ridden 6th album from the Detroit post-punks is familiarly crushing, ominous and grinding with grooves breaking through the shadows.

Skinty Fia

lp - £19.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy

limited deluxe 180g 45rpm 2lp in gatefold w/ alternate cover art + exclusive signed print - £29.99
3 albums in 3 years - our lives pre Fontaines now feel like a distant memory & it seems like there’s no stopping the momentous ascent of the boys from...
sleaford mods

UK Grim

limited white lp - £21.99 | Buy
black lp - £22.99 | Buy

cd - £12.99 | Buy
As the Nottingham duo's most dancefloor-friendly release to date, ‘UK GRIM’ is an urgent and sage-like look at life, living and the gritty reali...

indies only pink vinyl
pressed on limited edition translucent pink vinyl, housed in a single-sleeve jacket and printed inner sleeve


deluxe yellow vinyl
pressed on limited edition translucent yellow vinyl, housed in a deluxe holographic gatefold jacket with art and lyric booklet designed by Joe Talbot and Joshua Hughes-Games


orange vinyl
pressed on limited edition translucent orange vinyl, housed in a single-sleeve jacket and printed inner sleeve


  1. IDEA 01
  2. Gift Horse
  4. Roy
  5. A Gospel
  6. Dancer
  7. Grace
  8. Hall & Oates
  9. Jungle
  10. Gratitude
  11. Monolith



  • limited "midnight edition" glow in the dark lp with alternate artwork - 1 per customer

  • limited deluxe translucent yellow lp in holographic gatefold sleeve w/ art & lyric booklet

    Released: 16th Feb 2024

  • limited indies only translucent pink lp

    Released: 16th Feb 2024

  • limited translucent orange lp

    Released: 16th Feb 2024

  • black lp

    Released: 16th Feb 2024

  • cd

    Released: 16th Feb 2024


Gliding easily into a new iteration that feels as fresh and exciting as the first time we clapped ears on these Bristol botheration experts, 'Tangk' is the sound of a band operating entirely under their own stead with no cares, concerns, and considerations beyond making the exact music that THEY want.

And what they want chops and changes from track to track, with piano-led croons, soulful strings, and, dare we say it, pleasant melodies vying for space amongst the expected array of angle-grinder guitars, destruction derby poetics, and all-out rawk built like the proverbial 'Tangk'. 'TANGK' is the righteous and vibrant fifth album from madcap truth-seekers, IDLES. Pronounced “tank” with a whiff of the “g” - an onomatopoeic reference to the lashing way the band imagined their guitars sounding that has since grown into a sigil for living in love - the record is the band’s most ambitious and striking work yet. Where IDLES were once set on taking the world’s piss, squaring off with strong jaws against the perennially entitled, and exercising personal trauma in real time, they have arrived in this new act to offer the fruits of such perseverance: love, joy, and indeed gratitude for the mere opportunity of existence.

A radical sense of defiant empowerment radiates from 'TANGK', co-produced by Nigel Godrich, Kenny Beats, and IDLES guitarist Mark Bowen. Despite his reputation as an incendiary post-punk sparkplug, frontman Joe Talbot sings almost all the feelings inside these 10 songs with hard-earned soul, offering each lusty vow or solidarity plea as a bona fide pop song—that is, a thing for everyone to pass around and share, communal anthems intended for overcoming our grievance. 'TANGK' is a love album—open to anyone who requires something to shout out loud in order to fend off any encroaching sense of the void, now or forever.