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Everything Everything

Man Alive (2023 reissue)

limited deluxe expanded 140g 2lp in gatefold sleeve w/ new cover art variant + poster - £46.99 | Buy
140g lp in gatefold sleeve + poster - £28.99 | Buy
A shop classic from the hallowed year of 2010 but beefed up with all manner of luxury bells and whistles, to the point that it feels like we're hearing it a...
Everything Everything


limited clear lp - £17.99 | Buy
Twice Mercury Prize nominated, 5 time Ivor Novello nominated and critically acclaimed, Everything Everything launch their new forthcoming studio album 'Raw ...
Everything Everything


Record Store Day 2021 - berry & green splatter 10" - £12.99 | Buy
Supernormal' and 'Mercury and M e' is the first new music from Everything Everything since the release of acclaimed 5th LP RE-ANIMATOR last year whi...
Everything Everything


limited milky white lp in gatefold sleeve with 12 page booklet - £17.99 | Buy
very much returning to form, the band sound hotly inspired on this relentlessly catchy album of zesty, guitar-driven art-pop.
Everything Everything


cd - £6.99 | Buy
genre-defying 4 piece mix jaunty, angular rhythms with a melee of pop hooks & unpredictable, fluctuating songs on their 2nd album.


  1. Wild Guess
  2. The End of the Contender
  3. Cold Reactor
  4. Buddy Come Over
  5. R U Happy?
  6. The Mad Stone
  7. TV Dog
  8. Canary
  9. Don’t Ask Me To Beg
  10. Enter The Mirror
  11. Your Money My Summer
  12. Dagger’s Edge
  13. City Song
  14. The Witness

Everything Everything


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  • limited select retailers exclusive "crystal lake clear" lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 1st Mar 2024

  • 180g heavyweight black lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 1st Mar 2024

  • cd with 12pp booklet (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 1st Mar 2024


In another world, society has built an immense mountain To make the mountain bigger, they must make the hole they live in deeper and deeper.

All of society is built around the creation of the mountain, and a mountain religion dominates all thought. At the top of the mountain is rumoured to be a huge mirror that reflects endlessly recurring images of the self, and at the bottom of the pit is a giant golden snake that is the primal fear of all believers. A “Mountainhead” is one who believes the mountain must grow no matter the cost, and no matter how terrible it is to dwell in the great pit. The taller the mountain, the deeper the hole.