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Bob Vylan

Bob Vylan Presents The Price of Life

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Bob Vylan are a two-piece band that mix punk, rock, grime, rap amongst other genres, to create a unique style of music that speaks openly on a wide range of t...

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South Londoner Wu-Lu’s stunning new album is made of depth-charged post-punk, thrashed-up skate-park screamo, and the gauzy hip hop that Knwxledge might m...
Humble As The Sun


  1. Humble As The Sun
  2. Reign
  3. GYAG
  4. Dream Big
  5. Hunger Games
  6. Right Here
  7. Makes Me Violent
  8. He's A Man
  9. Ring The Alarm
  10. I'm Still Here

Bob Vylan

Humble As The Sun

Ghost Theatre
  • limited indies only heavyweight blue & white marble lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 5th Apr 2024

  • black lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 5th Apr 2024

  • cd (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 5th Apr 2024


'Humble as the Sun', continues with much of the rage and urgency that they have come to be known and loved for, but this project shows that they are now stronger and wiser, bolstered by the wins and learnings that they have fought hard for along the way.

The resulting tracklist aims to leave the listener feeling power alongside their anger, and brings a fresh and compelling blend of punk, rock, grime and rap together in an experimental way. the message woven throughout Humble as the Sun remains dark in places but is high-energy, defiant and unapologetic in its critique of a broken social and political system that so many have fallen victim to, but feel powerless against.

This album is for the underdogs, the ones who come out swinging and those who refuse to be defeated in the face of injustice, and aims to remind listeners that anger is a fire that can be harnessed and put to use. The album creation started from a conversation with the sun, which is, after all, a big ball of fire that sustains life. From masculinity to myths about the G Spot, the themes and topics explored on 'Humble as the Sun' make for an often humorously empowering celebration of the peoples ability to endure, overcome and bring about change.