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The Lovely Eggs


limited indies only clear blue with "coffee" splatter lp + *signed print* (1000 only) - £23.99 | Pre Order
limited "mind green" lp + *signed print* - £21.99 | Pre Order

cd - £12.99 | Pre Order
As the title suggests, “Eggsistentialism” explores a much more personal, introspective, and reflective side to The Lovely Eggs world and sees the Eg...
The Lovely Eggs

Nothing / Everything

limited bright yellow 7" - £9.99 | Pre Order
'Nothing / Everything' is a wistful, stark, magnificent seven minute psychedelic epic.
The Lovely Eggs

This Is Eggland (2023 reissue)

very limited neon green lp in alternative sleeve (500 only) - £22.99 | Buy
Heavier and more in-your-face than anything they’ve done previously, the duo bring together a fierce DIY ethos, surreal sense of humour and kitchen-sink r...
The Lovely Eggs

I Moron (featuring iggy pop)

limited yellow 7" (1200 only) - £6.99 | Buy
The Lovely Eggs

if you were fruit (deluxe version)

limited (500 only) pink & green "watermelon" lp + download - £17.99 | Buy
reissued with extra tracks & for the first time on vinyl, their 2009 debut showcases all the magic of their unique, funny, sad, moving, bewildering & be...
The Lovely Eggs

Still Second Rate

snot green 7" - £6.99 | Buy
‘still second rate” forces you to question the difference between value and worth &, most importantly, it also includes a pretty impressive re-c...
My Mood Wave
  1. My Mood Wave
  2. Crab Shell

The Lovely Eggs

My Mood Wave

egg records
  • limited clear aquamarine 7" with exclusive b-side

    Released: 15th Mar 2024


It’s been four years since the world heard any new music from our heroes in psych-punk-power, The Lovely Eggs.

"'My Mood Wave' is kind of an internal thought monologue," says Eggs singer and guitarist Holly. “It's a brain on a surfboard, trying to navigate the barrage of daily shit that gets washed up each day. It's a coping mechanism handbook for people who sometimes find the world too much.” ‘My Mood Wave’ has an uplifting contemporary feel, haunted by a West Coast retro vibe that pulses and shimmers with a gorgeously addictive melody that will float around your head for days.