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chris forsyth

All Time Present

No Quarter


Released: 12th Apr 2019


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2LP + download

Released: 12th Apr 2019


the master guitarist unleashes a spectacular array of vast, vivid epics with help from some of his solar motel bandmates.

Rightfully but somewhat reductively known as a guitar player par excellence, one listen to Forsyth's spectacular double album reveals that, while his dazzling musicianship can always be taken for granted, it's hardly the whole story. With this group, Forsyth is at the peak of his powers. this is the rare double album that goes by in a flash. Indeed, one of Forsyth's greatest strengths as a composer and bandleader is his consistent ability to sustain interest even when at his most brazenly improvisational: he drifts, but he never meanders. “Richard Thompson, tom verlaine, thurston moore…an underground guitar hero takes his place in the canon” 4/5 – mojo.

All Time Present


  1. Tomorrow Might As Well Be Today
  2. Mystic Mountain
  3. The Man Who Knows Too Much
  4. Dream Song
  5. The Past Ain’t Passed
  6. New Paranoid Cat
  7. (Livin’ On) Cubist Time
  8. Techno Top