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Drinking Boys And Girls Choir

Keep Drinking (rsd19)


record store day 2019 - blue & pink splatter LP + download

Released: 13th Apr 2019


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Limited Edition Blue and Pink Splatter Vinyl LP of this Korean Skate Punk trio’s debut album.

Includes download code. Drinking Boys and Girls Choir are a skate-punk trio from Daegu City, Korea. Formed in 2013 when two drummers MJ and Meena shared a rehearsal space, and decided to form a band. They bonded over a shared love of drinking, skating and punk. Inspired by Sum41, NOFX and Daegu’s 90s-00s hardcore punk/indie-rock scene before it moved to Seoul, a topic band are very passionate about. They won’t move to the capital, preferring to nurture a sustainable local scene. Recorded and Mixed by Byeongwook Choi at Daegu Music Factory and Kame house respectively and mastered by Seunggyun Chae (Sonic Korea). Tracks: Keep Drinking!! / National Police Shit / Stay Here / I’m a fucking Mcdonald’s / Red Shift / Let Me Lost / Song of Sincerity / Little Brother / Just Fucking Me / On the Street Florescent Light / Oh My California / You Hate Me / The Choir / N3 / She’s Sitting in the Blue Chair / Close the Eyes and Keep on Walking / KEEEEEEEP DRINKING!!!!

Keep Drinking (rsd19)