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Well Suspect

limited blue lp

Released: 25th Oct 2019


Corduroy legend holds that having recorded the three 'classic' albums for Acid Jazz Records, our illustrious heroes parted with said company and released a further two albums on a 'major' record label, investigating themes, techniques and technologies previously unexplored; this period of the band's brave journey became known as the 'psy-fi -years'.

Exhausted, Corduroy disbanded shortly after. Prophecy foretold that, two decades later, the group would reform and reunite with Acid Jazz; and furthermore that the fabled 'psy-fi' recordings would be compiled by the sister label, Well Suspect Records, into a twelve track, sky-blue-vinyl collection, featuring choice tracks from the major albums, singles and B-sides. This limited edition selection is entitled Winky Wagon. Experimenting with exotic eastern flavours, easy-soul, yacht-pop, Brit-beats and amped-up funk, the compilation captures Corduroy expanding their signature thematic instrumental palette with melodic, irresistible and beautifully crafted songs.