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Lazarus Kane


speedy wunderground

very limited (250 only) 7" - 1 per customer

Released: 1st Nov 2019


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Armed with a drum machine and some old synthesisers, the music could be mistaken for something that might once have been heard coming out of CBGB’s decades ago.

However, the songs tackle the everyday trappings of modern life; drinking too much, social media and the Kardashians. Of the recording process and in the line with the label’s aesthetic – ‘Mr. Kane was adamant that the song be recorded in one take, not stopping until his kimono was soaked through with the sweat of pure, unbridled emotion' The resulting cut is a sleaze-filled joyous pop-funk workout that kicks off aping ‘Psycho-Killer’ Talking Heads and ends up all Happy Mondays guitars, Barry White vox, all cloaked under this Fat-Whites-sense-of-danger undercurrent – with (Dan) Carey’s signature lazer synths stretching it over to the B-side in classic Speedy style. The perfect track to kick off our dirty-thirties. This isn’t some kind of dick-swinging contest.



  1. part 1
  2. part 2